Part Number: 10-69-128

Providing a light coat of PTFE, Taconic Economy-Grade Fabrics are designed for large volume applications which require cost-efficiency, yet still need high performance.

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Minimum Order Qty: 0
Manufacturer: Taconic
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Features and Specifications
Leaders for processing paper, plastics, metallic foils and cloth; Separator sheets for processing uncured rubber; The manufacture of abrasive wheels
Adhesive: Woven fiberglass ("E" type)
Adhesive Thickness: 0.0092"
Coated Weight: 0.72 (lbs/yd2)
Maximum Width: 42"
Tape Type: Economy Grade PFTE Fabrics
Tensile Strength: 4.4/3.2 (lb/in)
Tensile Strength Warp/Fill: 225/190 (lbs/in)
Thickness: Polytetrafluoroethylene"
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