Part Number: 528X310

PRC-Desoto 1 QT Coating

Price: $165.00
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Size: QT
Unit of Measure: KT
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: PRC-Desoto
In Stock: 73
Usually Ships: Stock
Features and Specifications
DeSoto conductive coatings are conventional solids, carbon filled, epoxy-amine coatings with controlled conductive properties. These high performance coatings are designed to obtain surface conductivity on non-conductive (composite and other plastics) substrates. Additionally, DeSoto conductive coatings control static charge bleed-off on radomes, antennas, and other insulative parts. DeSoto anti-static coating (528X306) is used to bleed-off the static charge from the aircraft’s radome and antennas. This coating has a resistivity requirement between 1.0 to 100 megohms per square inch, and requires a BMS 10-79 or BMS 10-103 primer before topcoating.
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