Part Number: Orcofilm EN-158C

Orcofilm EN-158C, 50YDS

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Size: 54”x6”x6”
Unit of Measure: EA
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: Orcon Aerospace
Usually Ships: 2 WEEKS
Features and Specifications
Standard Packaging 1 roll per box, Box weight is approximately 20 lbs, 54”x6”x6” Orcon Aerospace proudly releases its new ORCOFILM® EN-158C, a heat-sealable clear Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) film reinforced with nylon yarns. EN-158C offers excellent physical characteristics for use in thermal/acoustic insulation blankets. The most intriguing feature of EN-158C is its extraordinary, light weight (.69 oz/yd²). Distributed throughout an aircraft cabin, this new ORCOFILM® can offer significant weight savings compared to heavier films weighing an additional 1½ - 2 times. EN-158C is a robust, reinforced film that withstands the challenges of manufacturing operations and aircraft performance requirements. It meets the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flammability requirements defined in 14 CFR Part 25.853, 25.855, and 25.856(a). Compatible/Associated Orcon Products: • Repair & Fabrication Tape: ORCOTAPE® OT-258C (available in multiple sizes) • Generic Replacement Insulation: ORCOTEK® (available in multiple sizes, thickness, density, etc.) EN-158C is offered as a replacement film for any thermal/acoustic insulation applications using AN-58A. Orcon has concluded its manufacture of AN-58A, a heat-sealable Polyvinyl Fluoride film reinforced with nylon yarns, due to the discontinuance of a raw material component. Orcon is excited to promote EN-158C in lieu of AN-58A as we can continue to offer all of the inherent advantages of the legacy film along with the light-weight benefits of EN-158C. 52+/-1", 50YDS, OMS-4001 1 roll per box, approximately 20 lbs,
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