Part Number: PC994-51SB -J

Hard Pitot Tube Cover For Pitot Test Adaptor Part Number: PSS99451HT

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Features and Specifications
Hard Pitot Tube Cover For Pitot Test Adaptor Part Number: PSS99451HT This Pitot Probe Cover withstands temperature to 950 degrees F when installed on the pitot tube.With the High Temperature Pitot Probe Covers installed on the pitot tube, and the heat inadvertently activated, there will be: No melting of material, No significant residue on the pitot tube, No filling of static or drain holes, No need to change a pitot probe, No cause for aircraft dispatch delay. Available for all aircraft and helicopter types. Technical Data : Meets or exceeds fluid susceptibility per RTCA/DO-160D, Section II, Spray Test for, Jet A1, Hydraulic Fluid, Lubricating Oil, Isopropyl and Denatures Alcohol, Ethylene Glycol. Maximum Temperature : 950 degrees F. or 510 degrees C. for maximum 20 minutes. High Temp. Rubber Like Material. Weatherproof installation. Warning Flag Installed.
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