Part Number: 01916


Price: $76.82
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Size: 16 oz. Ea. 12 Cans - Case
Unit of Measure: Case
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: LPS Laboratories
Usually Ships: 2-4 Days
Features and Specifications
* Frees frozen parts * Displaces moisture * Low surface tension * Loosens rust and corrosion to free frozen parts * Flash point of 175°F (79°C) * Meets or exceeds these specifications: Fed. Spec. VV-P-216C Type I and A-A-50493 Type I * Meets NSF requirements for H2 Registration #059851(aerosol); #059823(bulk) * Compatible with most rubber and plastic surfaces * Inverta Spray Valve Applications * Bearings * Bolts * Chains * Conveyors * Corroded Fasteners * Equipment disassembly * Hinges * Nuts * Plumbing Fixtures * Pulleys * Screws * Shafts Meets or Exceeds These Specifications * NSF Registered Category Code H2 Registration # 059851 Aerosol, # 059823 Bulk * Fed. Spec. VV-P-216C Type I * A-A-50493 Type I
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