Part Number: 00605


Price: $353.99
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Size: 5 gal. Ea. 1 Pail - Case
Unit of Measure: Case
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: LPS Laboratories
Usually Ships: 2-4 Days
Features and Specifications
* Excellent for heavy load applications * PTFE additives improve performance * Extends equipment life * Displaces moisture * Protects against rust and corrosion * Does not contain chlorinated solvents * Safe to use on most surfaces * Meets NSF requirements for H2 Registration #128980(aerosol); #128981(bulk) * Flash point of 175°F (79°C) * Inverta Spray Valve Applications * Bearings and Valves * Cables and Linkages * Dies, Bits and Fasteners * Engines and Electric Motors * Hoists, Lifts and Draglines * Metal Parts and Hand Tools * Parts in Storage * Production and Transportation Equipment * Pulleys and Rollers Meets ot Exceeds These Specifications NSF Registered Category Code H2 Registration # 128980 Aerosol, # 128981Bulk
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