Part Number: D/W 194-10

Thermal Spray Masking Pressure Sensitive Tape

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Manufacturer: Dewal
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Features and Specifications
This grade of thermal masking tape combines tightly woven fiberglass fabric impregnated with red silicone rubber, with DeWAL silicone adhesive coating. D/W 194-10 provides superior adhesion at high temperatures and is easily removable. Its inherent toughness deliver the greatest resistance to high temperature and abrasive particle impact, making it an excellent choice for plasma flame spraying and plasma metallizing treatment.
Adhesion oz/in ASTM-D1000: 40
Adhesive Thickness: .0030"
Elongation % ASTM-03759: 9
Tape Type: Thermal Spray Masking Pressure Sensitive Tape
Temperature rating degrees F continuous: +500
Tensile Strength lb/In ASTM-3759: 55
Thickness: .012"
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