Part Number: 44GN007

Non-Chrome Epoxy Primer

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Unit of Measure: EA
Minimum Order Qty: 2
Manufacturer: Deft
Usually Ships: Stock - 2 Weeks
Features and Specifications
This line of water reducible epoxy primers offers the user a way to increase productivity during application and to decrease the weight of the coating system for your military aircraft and equipment. Through a patented technology, we have been able to take a traditional solvent-based epoxy primer and convert it to a water reducible primer. Thus, unlike many traditional water borne primers, these coatings have excellent water, chemical and corrosion resistance while maintaining outstanding adhesion over a variety of pretreated aluminum and composite substrates. While encompassing all of the physical coatings needs, we also maintained our goal of developing a product for you with low VOC emissions (<340 g/l VOC). Use of this primer prior to top coating is highly recommended for superior results.
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