Part Number: EC-776

Scotch-Clad EC 776 Fuel Resistant

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Size: Quart
Unit of Measure: EA
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Manufacturer: 3M
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Features and Specifications
EC 776 has excellent resistance to fuels, oil, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. The cured film has exceptional flexibility over a wide temperature range. The product can also be used as a high strength adhesive where the above properties are needed. It has good adhesion to synthetic rubber, metal and many plastics. EC 776 is used for the internal protection and final sealing of aircraft fuel tanks (the product should be carefully evaluated as some unleaded aircraft fuels include gasoils and additives which are known to attack EC 776). It will bond most synthetic rubbers and plastics, especially where fuel and oil resistance is required. Meet the specification requirements of MIL-D-17951B.
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