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Part # Size Description Color Price
21 9951 1 Gallon Standard thinner for all Chemglaze coatings. A blend of ester and aromatic solvents. Normal use is 5 - 25%. $0.00
22 9953 1 Gallon Aeroglaze® 9953 thinner is used to reduce Aeroglaze epoxy viscosity for spray applications. $0.00
23 9958 N/A Aeroglaze® 9958 thinner is used to reduce Aeroglaze primer and topcoat viscosities for spray applications. $0.00
24 9986 1 Gallon Lord 9986 Catalyst is normally used with A-Line and Z-Line coatings at 1-2%. It presents no pot life limitations if the coatings are not exposed to moisture. At higher loadings, no greatly increased cure rate is obtained and the danger of plasticization and adhesion failure is possible. $0.00
25 9995 1 Gallon 9995 is particularly effective with the V-Line and C-Line coatings, to increase cure time without drastically reducing pot life. It is also effective in A-Line and Z-Line coatings if 9986 proves insufficient. Weight concentrations of up to 3% with the Z-Line and 5-6% with A and C-Lines are acceptable. $0.00
26 A276 N/A Aeroglaze® A276 reflective polyurethane gives a hard,flexible, colorfast, non-chalking surface that is resistant to most acids, alkaline detergents, lubricants, and chemicals. $605.60
27 AP-134 1 Gallon NOTE: This product ships ‘Hazardous Freight ‘. To accurately calculate shipping charges to your specific location, this product must be ordered by phone by calling us at 800-327-9504. $148.51
28 Chemglaze A-Line Aliphatic Polyurethane Coatings 1 Gallon Lord Chemglaze A-Line coatings are designed for industrial maintenance applications. They provide a hard, colorfast surface that is resistant to attack by most acids, alkali, detergents, lubricating oils, solvents and chemicals. Chemglaze A-Line coatings have outstanding abrasion resistance and good exterior durability. $0.00
29 K3425 N/A Lord Aeroglaze K3425 Gray Sandable Primer: For application on epoxy graphite or other plastic substrates or over a suitable primer on metal. $0.00
30 Lord Chemglaze V-Line Aliphatic Polyurethane Coatings for Plastics N/A Chemglaze V-Line polyurethane coatings are used in product finishing applications on polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) and other plastics where maximum performance properties are needed. These coatings provide the highest possible combinations of abrasion resistance, wear properties and flexibility. Use Chemglaze V-Line coatings as protective coatings for vinyl, Mylar, ABS, FRP, and Noryl. $0.00
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