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Industry Leading Recognized Superior Product Brand Chicopee S.U.D.S.

S.U.D.S. is a superior industry leading solution that works with Sanitizers and Disinfectants, Without Reducing Effectiveness Of Killing Pathogens

This Single Use Dispensing System (S.U.D.S) is manufactured for use with commercial and professional Grade disinfectants. 

For use in all settings.

S.U.D.S.® allows you to create an impregnated wipe to exactly fit your needs. You simply add your own chemical to the wiper roll in the dispenser to create a cost effective, high performing saturated wipes.

 Not Limited to Any Specific Disinfectant Solution

S.U.D.S.®  towels are uniquely engineered to support a variety of Disinfectants. S.U.D.S.®  compatible disinfectants include:

  •     Quaternary (aka Quat) Wipes
  •     Sodium Hypochlorite (aka Bleach) Wipes
  •     Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes
  •   Alcohol Wipes

Works with EPA List N Disinfectants, Alcohol, Cleaners And Sanitizers see

EPA's N List of Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Superior Sanitation

  •   Effective:S.U.D.S.®  towels are engineered to maintain your Quat (Quaternary Sanitizer) or concentration and effectively deliver it to the surface.

  •   Efficient: Suds Towels are constructed to yield superior liquid absorption and debris pickup.

  •   Easy to Implement: You can confidently switch to S.U.D.S. and keep your cleaning protocols in place.

 Lower Cost-Per-Use

  •   Economical: S.U.D.S.®  towels require less sanitizer than other open bucket systems.

  •   Industry Best Pricing: Jaco's Exclusive SUDS 1/4 Fold Product is one of if not the best price product in this category on the market.

  •   Cost Effective: Clean up more surfaces using less wipes and disinfecting solution.

 Increases Safety and Customer Satisfaction

  •  Proven Results: 9 out of 10 locations surveyed report greater customer satisfaction.
  •  Safe and Secure: Easy to use. When instructions are followed the S.U.D.S. Closed System Reduces Slip and Fall Hazards.
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