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Aircraft and Aerospace Titanium

Useful Features of Aircraft Titanium for the Aerospace Industry

Since the very first aircraft was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, metal alloys have been the industry standard in terms of durable, lightweight materials best capable of soaring through the sky. 

For over a century, the primary metals that were used in aviation were aluminum and steel alloys, and while these metals were able to serve their purpose effectively, in recent decades builders of aerospace aircraft have begun to see the incredible merits of titanium alloy based materials. 

Benefits of Utilizing Titanium Alloys in Aircraft 

There are many benefits of building titanium-based aircraft, including:

  • Increased formability 

  • Increased strength; requires less material than aluminum or steel

  • Lower density than other metal alloys 

  • Increased aerodynamics

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Ability to withstand high temperatures

  • Increased range of aircraft

  • Decreased fuel use

  • More cost-efficient due to using less material 

Uses of Titanium-based Aerospace Components

Titanium alloy-based metals have replaced many of the standard aluminum and steel components that have long been used in the aerospace industry. The greatest use of titanium can be seen in the aircraft’s structural frame. By using titanium, the weight of the aircraft itself decreases substantially, as well as the cost of production, as titanium frames require less material than other metals such as aluminum, due to the increased strength provided by titanium alloys.

Additionally, titanium used for improved engine functionality is superior to other metals, as a result of titanium’s lightweight nature, increased strength, and ability to withstand high temperatures.

Other uses of titanium alloys in the aerospace industry include:

  • Landing gears

  • Springs

  • Flap tracks

  • Tubes for pneumatic systems 

  • Fuselage parts

(TMS Titanium, 2013)


Titanium Products Available at Jaco Aerospace

Titanium use in aerospace construction has become the new industry standard for building aircraft that will withstand the intense conditions of flight, and we are here to serve you, your airliner, and your passengers with the best possible materials.

Jaco Aerospace offers a wide array of titanium alloy-based components to suit all aircraft construction needs. From structural, engine-based, to landing gear and more, our company supplies titanium parts for all aspects of aircraft manufacturing. 

With over five decades of business, Jaco Aerospace has built a high reputation with our clients, and as shown by our superior craftsmanship and excellent work ethic, we are committed to producing aerospace building materials of the highest quality.

Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] or call us at 1-626-855-2870 to learn more about our products and services.




CP Titanium Grades 1-4 Aerospace/Medical  

Titanium AMS 4930 

Titanium DMS 1570 

Titanium 10V-2Fe-3Al 

Titanium AMS 4965 

Titanium DMS 1583 

Titanium 15-3-3-3 

Titanium AMS 4967 

Titanium DMS 1592 

Titanium 3-AL-2.5V 

Titanium AMS 4975 

Titanium Flats 

Titanium 5Al-2.5Sn  

Titanium AMS 4976 

Titanium Foil 

Titanium 6AI-6V-2SN 

Titanium AMS 4981 

Titanium Forgings 

Titanium 6AL-2SN-4MO2SN 

Titanium AMS 6905 

Titanium Grade 1 

Titanium 6AL-2SN-4ZR-2MO 

Titanium AMS 6906 

Titanium Grade 11 

Titanium 6AL-2SN-4ZR-6MO 

Titanium AMS 6907 

Titanium Grade 12 

Titanium 6AL-4V ELI Grade 23 

Titanium AMS 6930 

Titanium Grade 2 

Titanium 6AL-4V ELI 

Titanium AMS 6931 

Titanium Grade 3 

Titanium 6AL-4V OR GRADE 5  

Titanium AMS 6932 

Titanium Grade 4 

Titanium 6AL-4V STA 

Titanium AMS-T-9046 

Titanium Grade 7  

Titanium 6AL-6V-2SN 

Titanium AMS-T-9047 

Titanium Grade 9 

Titanium 770.10251 

Titanium ASTM B 265 

Titanium Hollow Bar 

Titanium 770.10313 

Titanium ASTM B-348 

Titanium MIL-A-9046 - AMS-T-9046 

Titanium 770.10652 

Titanium ASTM F-1472 

Titanium MIL-T-9047 - AMS-T-9047 

Titanium AMS 4900 

Titanium ASTM-B-265 (Grade 23) 

Titanium Pipe 

Titanium AMS 4901 

Titanium ASTM-B-348 (Grade 23) 

Titanium Plate 

Titanium AMS 4902 

Titanium ASTM-F-136 

Titanium Rectangular Bar 

Titanium AMS 4907 

Titanium Billet 

Titanium Rolled Rings 

Titanium AMS 4911 

Titanium BMS 7-269 

Titanium Round Bar 

Titanium AMS 4918 

Titanium Coil 

Titanium Sheet 

Titanium AMS 4919 

Titanium CP-1 

Titanium Strip 

Titanium AMS 4920 

Titanium CP-2 

Titanium Tube  

Titanium AMS 4928 

Titanium CP-3 

Titanium Welded/Seamless Tube 



Titanium Wire/Weld Wire 


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