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Saint-Gobain Tapes

Industrial and commercial tape users will often be well aware of the superb tapes offered by Saint-Gobain. They create powerful, high-performance adhesives and coated fabrics that have unique thermal, mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties, which allow them to withstand tough projects from industrial splicing and seaming to airplane maintenance. There are numerous industries that love to use the powerful polymer Saint-Gobain tape in several settings (such as electronic coil-winding, fabrication, heat-sealing, plasma resistance, and more), but those working in commercial airlines or with aircraft often purchase these items and have particularly come to appreciate the product line’s usefulness.

The Ideal Brand for Aerospace Applications

Saint-Gobain adhesives are among the most powerful in the business, with some of their rubber, plastic, and adhesive products even being used by NASA. These powerful tapes can be vital to those in the aviation industry for aircraft composite bonding, not to mention masking for painting and lining cabins, bulkheads, and various compartments. In the industry, Saint-Gobain tapes can be used for vacuum-sealing, electrical insulation, construction, and a slew of other functions. There are plenty of places one can use these materials on an airplane to make the flying experience more comfortable for everyone on the plane.

Powerful Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

Saint-Gobain may be most renowned for making what is known as pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes. Pressure-sensitive tapes have many uses and applications, and Saint-Gobain makes some of the most powerful options in that category. What the company refers to as CHR Tapes includes a vast array of products. Saint-Gobain’s pressure-sensitive tape is produced from film, metal, fabric, laminations, or paper substrates. The adhesive systems offered by Saint-Gobain include silicone, acrylic, or natural rubber.

Contact Jaco Aerospace for the Best in Saint-Gobain Adhesives

If you need a Saint-Gobain tape product for a specific purpose for your airplane, contact our team online now. The company’s high-quality, high-performance tapes are available exclusively from authorized distributors like Jaco Aerospace. Their extensive range of products and materials may be difficult to navigate, but Jaco Aerospace, as a trusted Saint-Gobain distributor, has sales personnel who are knowledgeable about both the aviation industry and the products and would be happy to advise you on the best tape for your need.

To learn more about the supplies you can buy and what we have for sale, feel free to call us at 1-888-727-5602.

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