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Offering solutions for everyone from maintenance professionals in the aviation industry to homeowners looking for a quick fix, one company has produced some of the most popular taping products: Shurtape. Carpet tape, electrical tape, duct tape, and high-end masking tapes are made by this reputable company. As a trusted Shurtape distributor, Jaco Aerospace and Industrial can provide these top industrial supplies for the aviation industry as well as other commercial purposes. Shurtape produces taping solutions in the following industries.

Manufacturing and Industrial Tape

Many companies, large and small, trust Shurtape’s products to get the job done in industrial and manufacturing settings. Every job is different and may require a different type of tape. For instance, Shurtape masking tape can be used for an aircraft painting job. On the other hand, Shurtape carpet tape is popular for building and construction projects. This brand offers an extensive range of tapes with clean removal, low residue, heat resistance, and high strength. No matter the job, Shurtape likely has a tape specifically engineered to meet your exact industrial needs.

HVAC Tapes

The importance of having work that is airtight and leak-free cannot be overstated. Shurtape duct tape solves many of those woes, and the brand also offers a range of other HVAC products, including various foil tapes and items that will ensure that your work is up to the highest quality standards.

Arts and Entertainment

A gaffer or set designer knows how important it is that all wires are safely fastened. Yet simultaneously, the tape must be inconspicuous and do its job without being noticed. Those in the arts and entertainment industries can find Shurtape gaffers tape in the color and thickness they need. Shurtape gaffers tape is helpful for many kinds of electrical needs as well.


An automobile needs a tape that will not buckle under stress or fail under pressure for short-term fixes. Shurtape has a tape solution that will ensure that you have a tape with high durability for all of your automotive needs.

There are numerous materials and tape products one can purchase with us that would be ideal for several standard airplane maintenance protocols. As Shurtape distributors, Jaco Aerospace can provide you with many products within the brand’s large range. Learn about what items we have for sale:  Email Jaco Aerospace at [email protected] to learn more about our products and services or use our online contact form to reach out.