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Since 1956, Nycote® Laboratories has been a leader in the anti-corrosion industry. Our liquid-nylon protection is a revolutionary barrier against corrosion, friction and conductivity for mission-critical aerospace and marine applications.

Nycote® is the world's only manufacturer of pin-hole-free corrosion protection. Its clear fluid base creates a void-free, waterproof barrier that is unattainable by other products. It is easily applied by spraying, dipping or painting and is tack-free in 3 hours.

We aim to provide a top-quality product that exceeds our customers' specifications and requirements. Nycote® products are used world-wide by leading aircraft manufacturers and OEMs.

Nycote 7-11®, Nycote 88®, Thinners, Nyclean™ and Nycotek™ applicator.