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Adhesive tapes are used by a variety of industries, including aerospace. The Nitto Denko Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality industrial tape products. This Japan-based company has produced various tapes, adhesives, and other materials for home and industrial use since 1918. Today, Nitto tape products are used by commercial and military aircraft manufacturers worldwide. 

Nitto Denko products are used in multiple applications in the aerospace industry, including aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. Nitto tape is one of the most often used brands in the aviation industry.  Some of the features that make Nitto tapes so in demand include:

  • Strong Adhesive
  • Heat Resistance
  • Thermal Conductive
  • Flame Resistance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Water-proof
  • Sebum-resistance
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Light-shielding
  • Low VOC
  • Low Outgas
  • Silicone Free

Nitto Masking Tapes

Masking tape is a pressure-sensitive tape that is easy to adhere to and remove. Masking tape is used during painting to "mask" off areas that shouldn't be painted. It's designed to be easily removed without leaving any residue or damage to the surface it's been applied to.

Masking tapes are among Nitto's most popular products. Nitto masking tapes have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Painting and sealing
  • Paint baking in automobiles
  • Curing
  • ELEP masking for printed circuit boards
  • Heat-resistant plating masking

Nitto masking tapes are available in various widths and thicknesses and have been formulated to stick to rough and curved surfaces. Nitto uses rubber, silicone, and synthetic rubber adhesives.

Other Nitto Products

In addition to masking tapes, Nitto provides a vast array of industrial tapes and adhesive products, including anti-corrosion tapes, cargo liner tapes, double-sided tapes, tapes for electronics, tapes for semiconductors, foam-based tapes, and surface protective films. 

Surface protective films are widely used in various industries, including entertainment, to enhance the longevity of electronic and optical equipment. In the aerospace sector, they are often used to shield specific aircraft parts from the detrimental effects of dust and debris.

Permacel is a division of Nitto based in the U.S. They produce more than 300 types of valuable tape in various applications.

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