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About Duracote

Duracote is a Manufacturer of flexible engineered materials since 1947, building a huge bank of expertise in compounding, coating, and laminating of polymers, synthetic and natural fabrics. From early years of producing and toll coating textile fabrics for awnings, covers and many other general-purpose uses, Duracote has evolved to become the premier developer of highly specialized materials for demanding applications industrywide.


Combined Fire Barrier & Sound Control in One Material, Radiations Barriers, Electromagnetic Interference Shielding, Phase Change Materials, Surface Effects Coatings, and Antimicrobial Surfaces



Jaco Aerospace is the exclusive North American distributor of Duracote products that increase the safety and comfortability of aircraft.

Durug Floor Coverings

Durug is the carpeting and floor covering product of choice for commercial, military, and private jet owners. Whether it is for a retrofit or OEM, this is the go-to product. Durug is manufactured with slip resistance, mildew resistance, resistance to most oils, and durability to withstand the harsh wear and tear of high-use areas like galley ways.

Durug is flame resistant and meets the standards of manufacturers such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and many others for its high quality and flame resistance ability.

Durug is produced tougher to ensure that flooring stays for longer, incurring huge savings for Durug customers.

Dura-Sonic Aviation Sound Control

Sound barriers are essential in the comfort of the cabin of an aircraft. Dura-Sonic is a leader in supplying mass-loaded vinyl barriers that are used in insulation blankets. Dura-Sonic optimizes performance in noise reduction and advanced fire safety.

Dura-Sonic noise reduction for aircraft materials is manufactured to meet Boeing, Lockheed, Bombardier, Embraer, and military aircraft specifications. 

Dura-Sonic’s versatile functionality includes:

·      Barrier curtains or partitions

·      Composite barrier/absorber 

·      Vibration damping component 


All Dura-Sonic products are made to meet the specifications of the end-user. This includes fabrication and installation.

Dura-Trim-Thermal Fire Safety 

Dura-Trim thermal insulation is a much sought-after product that meets the growing demand for higher fire safety standards on aircraft. Dura-Trim is the gold standard in thermal insulation for increasing the fire safety of aircraft.

Dura-Trim is also lighter in weight and regulatory compliant. 

Dura-Trim fire protective materials for aircraft are manufactured to meet the flammability requirements of the industry, and they are up to the standards of Boeing, Lockheed, and military specifications.

These engineered materials typically combine flexible PVC covers with woven fiberglass reinforcements and a range of proprietary coatings. 


Dura-Trim is available in rolls with a choice of standard or custom colors. 







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