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If you are looking for the absolute experts in specialized Polyimide film, look no further than CGS Tapes. CGS stands for Creative Global Services, and they have been providing top-quality polyimide film and polyimide tape out of their Toronto-based plant and warehouse.

Whether it is a small amount of polyimide tape that you need or huge quantities for large industrial and commercial type jobs CGS Tapes is certainly the company with the right Polyimide solution. CGS serves the North American market directly or through reputable distributors like Jaco Aerospace and Industrial. There are many reasons why companies choose to use CGS products but at the top of that list is for the high quality and their expedited ability to get the correct quantity of product to their customers quickly.

Jaco Aerospace and Industrial have a team of staff with a vast knowledge of the Polyimide range of films and tapes. Jaco staff offers the best customer service and technical support with your purchase of CGS products, making Jaco a premier distributor.

It is indeed CGS that keeps those who make other tape products in business. CGS film and tape are used widely and with excellent results in many high-pressure industries. Tape manufacturers use CGS products, as do engineers looking for a premier transformer and motor insulation product. CGS products are used for powder coat masking and circuit board manufacture. Whatever your application needs it is likely and possible that there is a CGS Tape product that can fulfill your need and increase your productivity with a superior product.

Jaco Aerospace and Industrial is an American leader in distributing high-quality films and tapes, and they are a proud and highly knowledgeable distributor of the CGS range.