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Can-Tech Tapes

If you are looking for a single tape supplier that can supply tape for a whole host of uses, you should look at the possibility of using Can-Tech tapes. Can-Tech is known for its highly durable tapes that stand the test of time and weather elements.

Whether you are looking for construction or athletic tape, Can-Tech tapes has a solution. They also have a tape solution for everything in between, including the tape dispensers.

Construction Tapes

Can-Tech is known for producing highly durable and dependable heat-resistant tapes; this goes hand-in-hand with its range of outdoor stucco applications. These tapes are known to be favored by contractors and designers alike for their needs.


Barely a week goes by when a regular person does not require a roll of tape. Whether you need packaging tape to seal a box or just standard tape to wrap that gift, Can-Tech has the tape solutions for you. If Can-Tech is trusted in the high-pressure professional industry, you can rest assured that the tapes will be well-suited to stand up to the rigors of all of your domestic jobs.

Athletic Tapes

There are a multitude of reasons as to why athletes, professional and amateur, require tapes. This could be tapes for strapping equipment or socks, or it can be tapes for body application. Can-Tech has a wide range of tapes that have the necessary rigor and suppleness to serve athletes superbly well.

If you are looking for Can-Tech Tapes in the United States or anywhere else in the world, you should get in touch with Jaco Aerospace and Industrial. They are authorized distributors of Can-Tech and other trusted tape brands and tape products.