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Many of us use tape or adhesive daily to wrap a gift or seal a package. There are so many different types of tape and adhesive solutions for sale today that you’re sure to find the suitable material to fit your project. At Jaco Aerospace, we supply Aplix tapes to a variety of industries around the world. Aplix tapes can be used in various fields in several different situations.


Aplix fasteners are made from versatile materials and can be used for various commercial and industrial needs. For instance, Aplix fasteners are frequently employed to create easy-to-use diapers. Aplix products make disposable diapers simple for parents to put on and take off, including hook, knit loop, non-woven frontal tapes, and stretch laminates for elastic side panels.


The automotive industry is also a massive user of Aplix tapes and fastening solutions. Areas where Aplix products are frequently used include seat assembly, headliner systems, cargo management, and interior solutions. Each one of these categories has multiple Aplix options best suited to the needs of automotive engineering and manufacturing teams.

Myriad Uses

The high quality of Aplix products makes them popular in many fields. For instance, the aerospace industry uses Aplix fasteners on airplane seats, while the cleaning industry relies on mop frames, scrubbers, and pads incorporating Aplix products. The medical, military, and building sectors are also large consumers of Aplix tapes and adhesive products, and food processors rely on Aplix to create resealable packaging.

Why Choose Jaco Aerospace?

At Jaco Aerospace, we have been a top supplier of Aplix tapes and other high-quality materials to the commercial aviation industry since 1971. With so many decades of experience, we are confident that when you purchase online with us, you will appreciate our excellent customer service. We are proud to provide our customers with excellent service through our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. We are happy to go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied!