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Other Aerospace Metals and Specifications

Alloy Steel AMS4001 B50TF14 Greek Ascoloy T418
Alloy Steel AMS4003 B50TF15 15-7PH
Alloy Steel AMS4006 B50TF69 904L
Alloy Steel AMS4017 AMS 5878 AM350
Alloy Steel AMS4025 AMS 5891 AM355
Alloy Steel AMS4127 ASTM B 435 Alloy Steel C250
Alloy Steel AMS4131 ASTM B 572 N-155
Alloy Steel AMS4132 ASTM B 166 RENE 41
Alloy Steel MIL-S-6049 ASTM B 168 Stellite
Alloy Steel MIL-T-6736 ASTM B 575 Titanium CP-4
Alloy Steel MIL-S-6758 ASTM B 574 AZ60A-T5
Alloy Steel MIL-S-81501 AMS 5888 Magnesium AZ81
Alloy Steel 4130 COND N AMS 5887 AS21
Alloy Steel 4340 COND A AMS5542 Berryllium Grade 170
Alloy Steel 4340 COND C AMS5667 Berryllium Grade 172
Alloy Steel 4340 COND E AMS5668 Berryllium Grade 173
Alloy Steel 4340 COND F AMS5669 Berryllium Grade 174
Alloy Steel 4340 SEAMLESS AMS5670 Berryllium Grade 175
Alloy Steel ASTMB127 MIL-N-8850 Aluminum 2124
Alloy Steel ASTM-B162 MIL-N-7786 Aluminum 7475
Alloy Steel ASTM-B164 AMS5536 Aluminum 7178
Alloy Steel B50T1180 AMS5608 HY-MU 80
Alloy Steel B50T27 AMS5772 Invar
Alloy Steel B50TF109 AMS5544 Kovar
Alloy Steel B50TF177 AMS5537 Tantalum
Alloy Steel B50TF24 AMS5530 Zirconium
Alloy Steel ASTM-B564 AMS5750 Niobium
Alloy Steel ASTM-B-574 AMS5529 Hafnium
Alloy Steel ASTM-B-575 MIL-S-25043 Tungsten
Alloy Steel ASTM-F-138 AMS5669 Molybdenum
Alloy Steel ASTM-F-67 AMS5520 Stainless Steel AMS5545
Alloy Steel NITRALLOY 135 MOD Forging AMS4149 Stainless Steel AMS5546
Aluminum AMS1070 Forging AMS4179 Stainless Steel AMS5547
Aluminum AMS1072 Forging AMS4676 Stainless Steel AMS5548
Aluminum 2618 Forging AMS4905 Stainless Steel AMS5549
Aluminum AMS4040 Forging AMS4910 Stainless Steel AMS5556
Aluminum AMS4041 Forging AMS4916 Stainless Steel AMS5557
Aluminum AMS4044 Forging AMS4921 Stainless Steel AMS5561
Aluminum AMS4048 Forging AMS5646 Stainless Steel AMS5576
Aluminum AMS4049 Forging AMS5648 Stainless Steel AMS5580
Aluminum AMS4071 Forging AMS5653 Stainless Steel AMS5581
Aluminum AMS4084 Forging AMS5654 Stainless Steel AMS5582
Aluminum AMS4085 Forging AMS5660 Stainless Steel AMS5587
Aluminum AMS4101 Forging AMS5706 Stainless Steel AMS5588
Aluminum AMS4111 Forging AMS5708 Stainless Steel AMS5589
Aluminum AMS4114 Forging AMS5712 Stainless Steel AMS5590
Aluminum AMS4115 Forging AMS5714 Stainless Steel AMS5591
Aluminum AMS4116 Forging AMS5745 Stainless Steel AMS5598
Aluminum AMS4126 Forging AMS5747 Stainless Steel AMS5599
Aluminum AMS4156 Forging 6013 Stainless Steel AMS5610
Aluminum AMS4160 Forging 7150 Stainless Steel AMS5613
Aluminum AMS4161 Forging 12TM-B265 Stainless Steel MIL-S-5626
Aluminum AMS4163 Forging 15V-3CR-3SN-3AL Stainless Steel AMS5631
Aluminum AMS4186 Forging 2014 BARE Stainless Steel AMS5641
Aluminum AMS4187 Forging 2024 ALCLAD Stainless Steel AMS5645
Aluminum AMS4216 Forging 4140 SEAMLESS Stainless Steel AMS5647
Aluminum AMS4347 Forging AMS-4900 Stainless Steel AMS5649
Aluminum AMS INCONEL 4921 Forging AMS-4909 Stainless Steel AMS5656
Aluminum AMS INCONEL 4926 Forging AMS-4914 Stainless Steel AMS5657
Aluminum AMS INCONEL 4972 Forging AMS-4915 Stainless Steel AMS5661
Aluminum AMS INCONEL 4978 Forging 5-2.5 ELI Stainless Steel AMS5665
Aluminum AMS6345 Forging AMS-S-6049 Stainless Steel AMS5666
Aluminum AMS6350 Forging 6AL-6V-25SN Stainless Steel AMS5671
Aluminum 7049 Forging BMS-7-185 Stainless Steel AMS5704
Aluminum 7079 Forging ASTB-B564 Stainless Steel AMS5707
Aluminum 7175 Forging ASTMB160 Stainless Steel AMS5709
Aluminum 4130 COND A Forging ASTMB164 Stainless Steel AMS5713
Aluminum 4130 COND D Forging ASTM-B348 Stainless Steel MIL-T-8808
Aluminum BMS-7-194 Forging ASTMB409 Stainless Steel PWA-1042
Aluminum BMS-7-21 Forging B50T1232 Stainless Steel PWA1065
Aluminum BMS-7-249 Forging B50T73 Stainless Steel PWA1066
Aluminum AERMET 100 Forging B50TF110 Stainless Steel AMS-QQ-A-200/2
Aluminum C50T81 Forging B50TF133 Stainless Steel 2014 ALCLAD
Aluminum C50TF103 Forging B50TF21 Stainless Steel 21-6-9
Aluminum C50TF12 Forging B50TF22 Stainless Steel QQ-A-250/1
Aluminum CE0906 Forging B50TF25 Stainless Steel 4130 COND F
Forging INCONEL 901 Forging B50TF31 Stainless Steel 4130 SEAMLESS
Forging DMS-1555 Forging B50TF35 Stainless Steel 4140 COND C
Forging DMS-1784 Forging B50TF74 Stainless Steel 4330 COND E
Forging DMS-1879 Forging ASTM-F-367 Stainless Steel 8740 COND C
Forging AMS4008 Hi-Temp Metals DMS-1944 Stainless Steel 9310 COND E
Forging AMS4026 Hi-Temp Metals AMS4544 Stainless Steel BAL-IMO-1V
Forging AMS4028 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5553 Stainless Steel LAC-08-1173
Forging AMS4966 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5565 Titanium INCONEL 722
Forging AMS4972 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5566 Titanium DMS-1536
Forging AMS4978 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5567 Titanium DMS-1872
Forging AMS5524 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5568 Titanium DMS-2241
Forging AMS5532 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5570 Titanium AMS4015
Forging MIL-T-5695 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5571 Titanium AMS4133
Forging AMS5768 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5572 Titanium AMS4134
Forging AMS5871 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5573 Titanium AMS4141
Forging AMS6276 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5575 Titanium AMS4146
Forging AMS6323 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5586 Titanium AMS4147
Forging AMS6360 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5636 Titanium AMS4931
Forging AMS6370 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5637 Titanium AMS4933
Forging AMS6381 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5639 Titanium AMS4934
Forging AMS6440 Hi-Temp Metals AMS5640 Titanium AMS4935
Forging MIL-T-6737 Hi-Temp Metals MIL-S-16974 Titanium AMS4937
Forging MIL-T-6845 Hi-Temp Metals AMS-S-6758 Titanium AMS4941
Forging MIL-T-7081 Hi-Temp Metals CP-GRADES 5 Titanium AMS4942
Forging MIL-T-81556 Hi-Temp Metals DMS1874 Titanium AMS4943
Forging AMS-QQ-A-225/4 Hi-Temp Metals JETHETE M-152 Titanium AMS4944
Forging AMS-A-22771 Stainless Steel 316 Titanium AMS4945
Forging QQ-A-250/14 Stainless Steel DMS-2275 Titanium AMS4973
Forging QQ-A-250/2 Stainless Steel AMS4016 Titanium AMS5519
Forging QQ-A-250/29 Stainless Steel AMS4029 Titanium AMS5526
Forging QQ-A-250/3 Stainless Steel AMS4983 Titanium AMS5620
Forging QQ-N-286 Stainless Steel AMS5504 Titanium AMS5622
Forging AMTMB408 Stainless Steel AMS5510 Titanium AMS5627
Forging AMS-S-5626 Stainless Steel AMS5512 Titanium AMS5628
Forging AMS-5889 Stainless Steel AMS5513 Titanium AMS5630
Forging L-605 Stainless Steel AMS5515 Titanium AMS5759
Forging WW-T-700/3 Stainless Steel AMS5516 Titanium AMS5764
Forging WW-T-700/6 Stainless Steel AMS5517 Titanium AMS5769
Forging 7178 BARE Stainless Steel AMS5518 Titanium AMS5848
Forging 8740 SEAMLESS Stainless Steel AMS5540 Titanium AMS6274
Forging 8AL-IV-IMO Stainless Steel AMS5541 Titanium AMS6322
Forging B50TF75 Titanium AMS-QQ-A-225/3 Titanium AMS6327
Forging B50TF76 Titanium AMS-QQ-A-225/5 Titanium AMS6362
Forging LBO170-186 Titanium AMS-QQ-A-367 Titanium AMS6371
Forging AMS4035 Titanium 7075 ALCLAD Titanium AMS6382
Forging AMS4148 Titanium 7075 BARE Titanium AMS6431
Titanium MIL-T-9046 Titanium 7178 ALCLAD Titanium AMS6444
Titanium MIL-9047 Titanium 8620 COND C Titanium AMS6532
Titanium MIL-S-18729 Titanium 8Al-1Mo-1V Titanium MIL-T-8504
Titanium DMS1898 Titanium 8AL-1MO-IV Titanium AMS8506
Titanium AMS-QQ-A-200/9 Titanium GM-3103 Titanium MIL-T-8606
Titanium 2024 BARE Titanium GM-3104 Titanium WW-T-700/4
Titanium PWA1088 Titanium N-155 MULTIMET Titanium WW-T-700/7
Titanium PWA-1165 Titanium PWA-1038 Titanium QQ-A-250/4
Titanium PWA-1260 Titanium PWA1060 Titanium QQ-N-281
Titanium QQ-A-250/15 Titanium PWA1069 Titanium WASPALOY

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