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3M Industrial Products

3M Industrial Products

There is no doubt that the leader in industrial products all around the world is 3M. Their extensive range of industrial products is found in homes, offices, companies, and factories all around the globe.

Some of their most common  ranges of industrial products include:

Industrial Abrasives

3M has the abrasive solution for you, if you need to grind, blend, polish, sand, prep, cut, clean, or repair surfaces. All surface conditioning, coating, bonding, and super abrasives solutions are found within the 3M range. This could be used for metal fabrication, precise castings, cylindrical grinding, furniture and custom wood. There is scantly a surface conditioning or cutting job that does not have a solution at 3M. The automotive and aerospace industries have long been benefitting from the high-quality materials available from 3M industrial abrasives.

Converter Products

The possibilities in this space are endless. Whether you are looking for solutions in narrow web printing, screen printing, specialty die-cutting, foam laminating, membrane switch production, and flexographic plate mounting. 3M has the right converter product to meet the needs of multiple technologies. The solutions are as unlimited as the technological possibilities.

Industrial Adhesives

Whether you are looking to repair, refurbish, or simply design and manufacture a new product, there is a 3M industrial adhesive that is perfect for your job at hand. The 3M range has spray adhesives, anaerobic and instant adhesives. The world’s best factories rely on the quality of the structural adhesives, epoxy, acrylic, urethane, and polyurethane adhesive products, manufactured by 3M. There are thousands of substrate combinations in the aerospace and other industries that have solutions produced by 3M.