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VG-151 - 1080-1
INSTAbond 108 Grade R
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Part Number: VG-151 - 1080-1

Aerospace Adhesive Remover

VG-151 Adhesive Remover is a blend of organic solvents formulated to remove tough aerospace soils. The product works effectively removing glue, tar, grease, corrosion inhibiting compounds (CIC) and various aviation fluids. This unique material pours like a liquid, and transforms into a gel when sprayed from a hand or mechanical sprayer. VG-151 is the ideal cleaner for vertical and overhead surfaces that must be cleaned during overhaul. VG-151 does not contain methylene chloride, toluene, acetone or MEK. Unlike other hazardous products, VG-151 is a low odor product that may be used safely in a confined space, (as with all chemicals basic precautions found on the MSDS must be followed). VG-151 conforms to ASTM F1110 – Sandwich Corrosion Test, ASTM F502 – Paint Softening Test and ASTM F519-77 – Hydrogen Embrittlement Test.
Size: 4 x 1 Gal. Case
Unit of Measure: Case
Minimum Order Qty: 1
Manufacturer: EcoLink
Usually Ships: 4-10 Days      


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