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Patco TapesPatco Aerospace Tapes

Since 1965, Patco Brand Tapes have served a wide range of specialized tape and coating applications. Patco Specialty Tapes serve a range of industries and applications including weatherizing, sporting goods, aerospace, automotive, printing, marine, agriculture, and telecommunications. Patco Brand Products are engineered to meet the specific requirements of each of these demanding applications. The Patco brand is recognized globally as a high performance product for the most challenging and specialized applications.

Most Tapes are available in multiple sizes and colors.

Polyken and Patco Brand Tapes

There is scantly an industry that does not benefit from the high quality tapes that come under the Polyken and Patco Brand Tapes. Polyken and Patco brand tapes are high performance and OEM specified tapes that offer uses in a multitude of industries including:

Carpet Installation

Whether you need to secure a carpet temporarily or provide some surety before stapling, there is a Polyken and Patco Brand tape to fill your carpet installation needs. These tapes are made to secure aircraft carpets and most certainly will meet the standards of general carpet installation.


Whether you are in the plumbing industry or the electrical industry or perhaps even the waterproofing industry; Polyken and Patco brand tapes have been trusted for the longest time to provide absolute strength with the highest waterproofing credentials.

Surface Protection

A whole host of industries, including the automotive industry and the aerospace industry, appreciate the high quality surface protecting adhesives that are available from Polyken and Patco. These surface protective adhesives and tapes are also trusted and used by painters and restoration experts of all types.


Polyken and Patco are truly at the forefront of producing adhesives and tapes that are of great benefit to the aerospace industry. Be it tapes that can withstand extreme temperatures or moisture barrier solutions, Polyken and Patco can be trusted to produce the right tape for this high pressure and high performance industry. Polyken and Patco brand tape products meet the standards of the FAA and OEM. Their products are approved by companies such as Boeing and Airbus, the true leaders in the aerospace industry.

Jaco Aerospace and Industrial is a trusted distributor of Polyken and Patco brand of adhesives and tapes. Jaco Aerospace and Industrial understand the rigors of the aerospace industry and as such have staff that are experts in fulfilling your aerospace parts and tapes requirements.


17+ - All-Weather PVC Electrical Tape
85 - PVC Electrical Tape
110 - Heavy Duty PVC Electrical Tape
110-53 - Heavy-Duty PVC Media Blast Protection
150 - Vinyl Color Coding - Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
150-PL - Vinyl Clean Room Tape - Plastic Core - White,Yellow
151 - Vinyl Color Coding - Diagonal Stripes
157 - Vinyl Electroplating Mask
168 - High Temperature PVC Masking (5 mil)
172 - High Temperature PVC Masking (6.4 mil)
1676 - High Temperature PVC Masking
1776 - High Temperature PVC Masking
179 - High Temperature PVC Masking
502A - Polyethylene Splicing/Laminating
502R - Polyethylene Splicing/Sealing
503A - Polyethylene Color Coding - Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, White, Red
503R - Polyethylene Color Coding - Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, White
510A - Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tape
526 - Polyethylene/Urethane Preservation/Splicing
535 - Polyethylene Splicing
542 - Polyethylene/Rubber Preservation & Sealing
545 - Acid Free Polyethylene Protective Overlaminate Tape (4.5 mil)
555 - Acid Free Polyethylene Protective Overlaminate Tape (5.5 mil)
560 - Polyethylene Masking - Clear, Blue, Tinted Orange, White
560 - Polyethylene Masking - Clear, Blue, Tinted Orange, White
565 - Polyethylene Screenblock Masking - Clear, Tinted Orange, Blue, White
570 - Polyethylene Clean Room - Clear, Blue, Green, Tinted Orange, White
575A - Polyethylene High-tack Clean Room - Clear, White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Oge
575R - Polyethylene Quickstick Clean Room - Clear, White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange
580 - Polyethylene Screenblock Masking - Clear, White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange
585 - Polyethylene Dissimilar Metal Tape
3305 - High Temperature Polypropylene Masking
5066-53 - Polyethylene Greenhouse Patch Tape
5068 - Polyethylene Greenhouse Patch Tape
5236 - Polyethylene Mobile Home Close Off Tape - Clear, White
5400 - Polyethylene/Rubber Preservation & Sealing
5410 - Aerospace Surface Protection
5460 - Polyethylene Low-tack Masking & Surface Protection - Clear (4.5 mil)
5540 - Auto Glass Retention Tape - Clear, Tinted Orange
5560 - Polyethylene Low-tack Masking & Surface Protection - Clear, Tinted Orange
5865 - Polyethylene Automotive Surface Protection (8 mil)
6033 - Polyester Screenblock Masking
6035 - Metallic High Temperature Polyester Masking/Splicing
7210-53 - DuPont Surlyn Abrasion Resistant Tape
1800FR - Moisture Barrier - PVC Galley
8100 - Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane - Linered
8100SW - Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane - Self Wound
8125 - Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane - Linered
8150 - Heavy-Duty Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane - Linered
8210 - Polyurethane Exterior Surface Protection
8300 - Polyurethane Leading-Edge Protection
8450 - Polyurethane Protective Tape
D9100 - Polyurethane Moisture Barrier - Flame Retardant
D9100SW - Polyurethane Moisture Barrier - Flame Retardant, Self Wound
D9180 - Polyurethane Moisture Barrier - Flame Retardant
D9200 - Polyurethane Moisture Barrier - Flame Retardant
9425FR - Polyurethane Moisture Barrier - Flame Retardant

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